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  • Easy to implement review solution. Usually implementing any create review solution require programmers and time, a lot of tests. Often yours system is different than supported from creator of review plugin. With us you won't have such problems. Our "create easy review system" work across all platforms (php, asp, node...), all software solutions (wordpress,joomla,magento, custom .. practically each one existing ecommerce software on market). And the most important part of it is - that you will be able to implement your feedback system perfectly alone.
  • Great SEO benefit. When you import ours feedback solution all reviews made on your page will serve for you like a backlinks. Each review comment made on your page is printed back on server with high SEO reputation which Google will count like a backlinks. So - the more reviews you got, the more easy people will find you on net..
  • Simple centralized administration system for the comments from all of your pages. You will have the ability to register multiple e commerce solutions on our review system and will monitor all review comments coming from all of them on a single admin panel. There will be no more need to split your attention to 5 different places. You will have them all in one place!
  • Full control over review comments. You will have the ability to approve or reject review, edit text or score...basically you will be able to modify all parameters of your reviews on each ecommerce web you have added to our system.
  • Easy to import in web, easy for costumization, cross platform and software
  • SEO benefit,more reviews - better seo, high quality backlinks
  • multiple e-commerce pages, multiple review systems, single administration panel
  • Full control over reviews, ability to edit text, ability to edit score.

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  • SEO score increase
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  • Ready Solution for each reteiler
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  • 1 shop license
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You want to improve your overal SEO score?.
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By installing our product review system you will improve your overal SEO score. Each review made from your clients is published on good reputation server with direct link leading to your page. By creating review each client will improve your online shop SEO score.
GREAT, isn't it?

Are you tired from getting spammed on review feeds?
We have good news for you!
We implemented in our feedback system latest anti spam protection mechanisms. When you get a feedback review for your product - you might be sure, there is a human standing behind it. End of spam reviews...

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